The word Ayurweda derived from Ayu and Vedha. Ayu means life and vedha means Science or knowledge. Though its commonly known as Ayurweda medicine our own indigenous medicine known as Hela wedakama The earliest references to ayurweda in Srilanka is dates back to pre historic period for nearly about 5000 years. There was king in those days call king ravana. And there were four tribes in Srilanka, Yaksha raksha deva and naga. So it is said the king ravana was a great physician and he taught the medicine to these four tribes.

According to ayurweda illness comes because of imbalance of 3 basic elements


Air, in modern medical terms nerve impulses, hormonal activities are coming under this category


Means bile, modern term medical term metabolism and internal heat production


Means flem which is described as the protective fluid So the imbalance of these three causes the sickness.

In Srilanka we practice western and ayurweda medicine both. Depend on the illness we decide which doctor we going to see. But when its come to orthopedic problems, skins or born issues the first choice is always the ayurweda. Even western medicine doctors goes for the ayurweda.

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